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Selenium Training In Hyderabad

We provide best in class, online and corporate Advanced Selenium Training In Ameerpet Hyderabad with 15+ yrs of real-time industry experts and also we can provide real-time job oriented corporate selenium training with real time project scenarios.

Our Selenium Training Program will make your expertise in selenium web driver, automation testing, and framework for web applications and TTD, you’ll work on real-time project scenarios and assignments, this will make you prepare yourself to become an expert as a selenium certification professional.

Selenium Training Overview

Selenium is a portable software testing framework for web applications it provides a record/playback tool for authoring tests without learning a test scripting language (Selenium IDE), it is an open source software testing project that allows testers and developers as well to develop functional tests to drive the browser. It can easily deploy on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms.

Training Objective of Selenium

The main motto of the course is designed for software professionals with manual testing comprehension and test automation exposure is required. It is most suitable for beginners as well as for the manual testers who are looking to get the best experience in automation exposure.

Students must be going through all the techniques of writing effective automated web tests by using Java & C#.

Our course will also teach you Data-driven Testing.

Selenium course contents

1.Introduction to Selenium and its Components

2.Java Basics and Introduction to Selenium Web Driver

3.X-Path capacities and Waits in Selenium

4.Handling distinct Controls on a Webpage – 1

  • Java Essentials
  • I Frames utilizing Web Driver charges: By Index, By Name or ID, and By Web Element
  • Alerts in Web Driver: Simple Alert, Confirmation Alert, Prompt Alert
  • Modal Dialog boxes
  • Testing Dropdown: Select by Visible Text, Select by Index, Select by Value

5.Handling unique Controls on a Webpage – 2

  • Methods in Window dealing with:
  • Get Window Handle Command
  • Get Window Handles Command
  • Switch To Window Command
  • Switch between Windows
  • Explain how to test whether all connections are taking a shot at a Web page or not
  • Sending Email report utilizing Selenium Web Driver and Eclipse
  • Handle Keyboard Events

6.Introduction to Testing Framework

7.Introduction to Selenium Grid and Selenium IDE

8.Page Object Model and Page Factory

9.Framework – 1

  • What is an Automation Framework?
  • Properties of Automation Framework
  • Types of Automation Framework :
  • Data-Driven Test Framework
  • Key Keyword Driven Test Framework
  • Hybrid Test Framework
  • Which Framework to pick and when?
  • Introduction to Data Driven Testing utilizing Apache POI
  • Read/Write information from/to Excel sheet

10.Framework – 2

  • Keyword Driven Test Framework
  • How to make the Framework?
  • Classes required
  • How Do Test case Files resemble?
  • Examples of Keyword Driven Framework
  • Writing Test Cases utilizing Keyword Driven Test Framework
  • Hybrid Framework
  • Writing Test Cases utilizing Hybrid Framework
  • How to make the Framework?
  • Classes required to be made
  • How Do Test case Files resemble?
  • Examples of Hybrid Framework

11.Git, Jenkins, Maven, and Auto IT

  • Maven
  • Switch from Simple Java Project to Maven Project
  • Maven for fabricates and sending Email reports
  • Jenkins
  • Selenium Integration with Jenkins
  • Auto IT and its highlights
  • Auto IT offers help for Keystrokes, Mouse Movement, Window Control
  • Sikuli and its highlights
  • How Sikuli works
  • log4j – logging apparatus
  • Interaction with Selenium
  • Interaction with Flash applications
  • Upload document Auto IT Script in Selenium Web Driver

Selenium Demo Video

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