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Mini Project Using:

  • Jenkins
  • Maven
  • POM
  • TestNG and Data Providers
  • Grid




10-15 Days 1 to 1-1/2 Hour 25000/-
In these mini projects, user will get below experience:-
1) Creating a Maven project and adding the dependancies, plugins requried for the projects.
2) Using Page Object Model design pattern, create multiple POM pages for the project, using page factories.
3) Writing code to read the external data sources.
4) Developing different class files in the framework and how to integrate all the class files.
5) Using TestNG listeners to capture the snapshots.
6) Configuring and using Log4J for the project.
7) Develop scripts using TestNG framework using TestNG annotations and TestNG assertions.
8) Using data providers to execute TestNG methods.
9) Executing test cases parallelly in local machine.
10) Executing test cases in remote in different machines.
11) How to execute failed test cases for your project.
12) Using Extent Reports for a project.
13) Installing Jenkins, configuring the Maven project in Jenkins.
14) Creating scheduler in Jenkins to automatically execute your project. 
15) Set up Jenkins for email with the testing reports, i.e. user should get an email with attachments as a final result when execution is complete.