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Best Selenium with C# Online Training Institute in Hyderabad

Supreet Solutions Provide’s Best Selenium With C# Online and Classroom Training In Hyderabad by 15+ yrs of industry experts, our Selenium Webdriver With C# Training specially designed for the students who are planning a to start their career in software automation testing as well as software testing professionals.

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Selenium with C# Course Content


  • What is automation testing?
  • Advantages of automation testing.
  • When to start automation and how.
  • Automation test strategy
  • Components of Selenium

Selenium IDE.

  • Recording the scripts.
  • Running the scripts.
  • How to Save the recording script.
  • Object Identification.
  • Difference between Test case and Test suit.
  • Languages supported while Recording.
  • Synchronization in Selenium IDE.
  • When to use Selenium IDE
  • Advantages of Selenium IDE
  • Disadvantages of Selenium IDE

Working with Visual Studio & Selenium Webdriver

  • Set up Visual Studio with Webdriver
  • Creating Solution(s)
  • Creating different project types.
  • Compiling and referencing projects.
  • Working with various browsers
  • Webdriver commands
    • Browser commands
    • Webelement commands
    • Handling checkbox, Radio buttons, Dropdowns, Web tablet
    • Switching between Alerts, Windows, popups, Iframes
  • Identifying Elements
    • By ID, Name, Link, PartialLink, XPath, CSS, Tagname, Class…
    • Actions – Mouse and Keyboard.
  • Synchronization – Implicit and Explicit
  • External sources – Excel, XML


  • Download and configure NUnit with Visual Studio
  • Nunit-Attributes, assertions
  • Reports – Extent Reports.
  • Page Object Model – design pattern.
  • PageFactory

Code Repository

  • Downloading and configuring SVN
  • Uploading and downloading code to SVN

Continuous Integration

  • Download and configure Jenkins.
  • Configuring SVN, Visual Studio, email with attachments
  • Running jobs from Jenkins manually and through scheduling

Selenium GRID

  • Overview
  • Setting up Grid
  • Executing tests in Parallel and in Distributed mode.

C# Contents

  • The internal architecture of .net
  • Rules and Regulations of C#.net
  • Data Types and types of Data Types
  • Methods and types of methods.
  • Access specifies – Instance and Static
  • Type Casting – Implicit and Explicit
  • What is Parsing and Convert, boxing, unboxing
  • Bitwise operators and types
  • Loops – for, while, for each, do-while
  • Conditional statements
  • Arrays
  • Constructors – Type of constructors
  • Difference between Instance and Static constructors
  • Inheritance, advantages of inheritance, types of inheritance
  • Destructors
  • Polymorphism
  • Collections and Generic collections.
  • Properties

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